About Us

Dushyant Saini
R2F stand for Right to Fight Marital Art Academy. It is running since 2009 by Dushyant Saini and Diwaker Saini, founders of the R2F marital art academy. Initially, R2F registered in the state of Haryana but during the successful tenure now it is running in up & Rajasthan also. R2F is registered from Haryana government and recognized from karate sports of
India(KSI) And karate association of India (KAI).

R2F having 56 branches over Haryana, Utter Pradesh and Rajasthan. More than 40 instructors associated with R2F to run different branches.

R2f provides marital art Karate, Taekwondo, Kick-boxing training in all branches.

R2f has a main focus on self-defense for girls, boys, and senior citizen. R2F martial art technique helps to increase stamina, speed, fitness, relieve mental stress, focus, confidence and weight loss.

R2f providing services to corporates & societies for self-defense. Haryana govt had given responsibility for self-defense training at Suraj Kund Mela, 2018 at Faridabad.

Practice makes man perfect and it opens doors for the success, karate and taekwondo are included in Olympics now. We have a great opportunity to win the gold medal in Olympics.