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Karate Dress for Boys & Girls, Competition Martial Arts Dress, Judo, Karate, Kickboxing, Men & Women

24/28/32/34 size uniform price=1000/-Rs

36/38/40 Size Uniform Price=1200/-Rs

42/44/48 Uniform Price =1500/-

Karate Canvas Dress also available 2000/- to 3000/-

Branded uniform available

  • White Uniform with Open Neck and Pants 1 set. Without Belt Full complete dress plain white with waist belt
  • oth top and pants are comfortable and allow a lot of movement, a definite necessity of Martial art. It makes practicing much easier

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Karate Kumite Gloves

Price:₹ 600.00 
In stock:- Small, Medium, Large size

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Shin-guards + Foot  Karate Kumite competition . Material filling: Foam preformed. Covering material: synthetic Leather mixed with real leather.

M.R.P.:  ₹ S-1400,M-1800,L-2000
Price: ₹ S-1200,M-1500,L-1800 
  In stock:- Small , Medium ,large size
Are shin guards really necessary?
Answer:-shinguard ensure the protection of your opponent from a heavy kick of yours …. they also protect your shin and foot from elbow of your opponent keeping you safe in future
It is a requirement that you use shin guards when playing a match, and the referee can actually refuse you to play if you are not wearing shin guards. … You may well risk that a refereee does not approve your shin guards up to the start of a match if he considers that they do not provide adequate protection.

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Wear Hand Wraps

Whether you’re hitting the heavy bag or sparring in practice for a fight.

Mouth Guard

Mouthguards are widely used in martial arts and boxing to help reduce injury to the teeth, lips, and gums of your mouth.

Chest guard

Chest Guards are an important piece of safety gear that is used in sparring, karate, and taekwondo. Often required in competitions, chest guards serve to protect vital body areas such as your ribs, kidneys, stomach, and shoulders, from strikes and kicks.


R2F Banded T-Shirt


R2F Banded tracksuit

black and white color available (Girls/Boys/Kids)

kickboxing gloves
MRP:- ₹ 2000.00/- kickboxing  gloves are the most important equipment in boxing. It protects your knuckles, wrists, and fingers from injury.

Mask for Unisex Face Masks 

₹99.00(Inclusive of all taxes)

  • Featuring a triple layer ( Fusion with 2 layer )of Full face coverage. Elastic closure. Soft & comfortable. Perfect for adults – Women and Men.
  • Unisex, suitable for all
  • Ear Loop Mask has comfortable, durable & stretchable straps which are ultra sonic welded. No irritation and pain behind the ears. Great combination of protection and comfort.
  • Breathable : Super Breathable mask with ultimate protection provides cooling effect on face with cotton fabric layer in summer.
  • Re-usable and Washable
Boys supporter

wear a supporter to protect your genitals during exercise.supporters are not only necessary but a compulsory .15+

wrist protection band

Use these wrist wraps for greater wrist stability during crossfit and strength training. These wrist wraps provide extra strength and stability with the strong reinforced thumb loops. Guard your wrists so you can train hard,

Girl Sports Bra

A sports bra encapsulates your breasts to alleviate discomfort during high-intensity activities. It comes with moulded cups to fit around each breast, making it sturdier as compared to the regular bras.

R2F Sports Bag


Ankle Weigh
1kg x 2Pcs ,2kg,3kg,4kg,5kg
buy online

1.wearing ankle weights improve our kicking 2. weight loss 3. speed 4. stamina increase
Competition Belt –AKA & Ao 400/-
Payment rec
Send screen short whatsapp number after payment.91-906-906-9036

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