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Admission form

National Federation Approved R2F Martial Art Academy

Karate & Martial Art’s are an excellent sport’s to start learning for those between the ages of 3.5 Year to 45 Year.

R2F Give Plate form District, State, National & International , School Game/University Game, Open tournament.

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From Now on All Children According R2F Rules Should Deposit their Fees Between 1 to 10. if you pay Above 15 date so have to pay Extra Amount. Note: While Making online Payment, all dear Parents must write the name of the Child/Society in the Message.
ध्यान दें :- ऑनलाइन भुगतान करते समय सभी प्रिय माता-पिता संदेश में बच्चे व समाज का नाम अवश्य लिखें।
After Payment send payment Receipt Coach Number.

Registration Fee =1000/-

Online Admission From

  • 1000/-Rs One Time Admission Charge. Don't Pay Cash in hand.


अगर आपने एडमिशन फॉर्म Submitted कर दिया है पर 500/-रजिस्ट्रेशन फीस जमा नहीं की है तो जल्द कर दे । यदि आपने रजिस्ट्रेशन फीस जमा नहीं की है तो R2F मे आपका कोई रिकॉर्ड नहीं किया जाएगा ।Belt Exam/tournament time you have to pay extra amount.
Payment rec
R2F Current Account Number:-


  • R2F Rules:-
  • Always have your attendance card before entering class.
  • Focus your eyes on your instructor.
  • Do not wear jewelry of any kind.
  • Always place your shoes in changing areas.
  • Always refer to senior ranks by their title: ie Senpai.
  • Obey all dojo rules. These rules are critical to your mental and physical training. Eligibility for promotional will be based on compliance to these standards.
  • Be punctual about your scheduled practices and meetings. The time set for an event to begin is the time you should be in your gi, warmed up, and ready to start.
  • Wear your Martial art uniform properly, it should always be neat and clean. Your Martial art uniform should be in good care. NEVER wash your belt.
  • Students should not consume any food or drink, tobacco products or chewing gum in the Dojo. 
  • No unattended or supervised children are permitted.
  • Students  should strictly follow class timings and should not take unnecessary breaks in between, except in case of emergency, that too after receiving permission from Sensei or assistant instructor.
  • The spirit of fair play; to fight fair and to be obedient to the referee’s judgment. Attach more importance to what you learned rather than the results.
  • Contribute to keeping the dojo in repair and in clean condition.
  • Enjoy your training!

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