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Karate class in Gurgaon NCR

Karate with Road Fight

Karate is Japanese game like empty hand. And Karate is art of marital art combination of kicking with strikin and defensive blocking with arms and legs. R2F All trainer Diwaker Saini specialist in karate. In the karate we can attack with punch, ball of foot, instep, elbow, knee, heel, finger, chap of hand, palm, fore head .

R2F Martial Art Academy is providing Karate class in Gurgaon and Karate classs in NCR. In Ncr a lot of company are working and there a lots of women’s are working without scurity. These early feminists sought to raise awareness about the sexual harassment and violence that women faced on the street, at work, school and in the family. only karate is single art for learn self defense. and R2F is single academy is the best academy for learning karate in gurgaon NCR.