Salary Structure in School – Karate | Self-Defense | Kickboxing | MMA
karate | Martial art

Salary Structure in School

A) Alternative classes (2 to 3 classes in the school)

B) Full Day Regular classes (5 days Class )

Days1 hour2/3 hour5 hour
2 Days in a Week5000/-Rs7,000/-9,000/-Rs12000/-Rs
3 Days in a Week7,500/-Rs10,000/-12,000/-Rs17000/-Rs
5 Days in a Week9,500/-Rs11000/-15000/-Rs22000/-Rs

We will charge student’s for free to learn Martial arts.

Per student Fees charge (3/5 days classes)

50 Student=200/-Rs per student.

90 Student to 100 Student =150/-Rs per student.

100 Student to 150 Student=100/-Rs per student.

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