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Shihan Dushyant Saini
Shihan Dushyant saini
6th Dan Black Belt (KAI)
CEO/Director of R2F
Contact No(9015264943)

R2F stands for Right2Fight, our martial arts academy provides self-defense classes for boys, girls, men, and women in Gurgaon NCR. Delhi is a hub of many companies where women are working day-night without any security. These early feminists sought to elevaterecognitionregarding the sexual harassment and violence that ladiesconfrontedat the street, at work, college, and withinside the family. The bestcombat skillsareonlyfor providingself-protectionand R2F is an academy that is the first-class academy for studying self-protection in Gurgaon, NCR.

The times of rape or badgering are so frequentlydiscovered in everyday papers or the internetin recent times. Particularly women are confronting such instancesanoutstanding deal in recent times in Delhi NCR. Along those lines, there’s a want to examine self-upkeep aptitudes with a selectedgive-upintention to land upevidentlyready for guarding your competencies. Adapting such aptitudes assist you to stayprotected from any type of lewd behavior. Self-safetylets you fabricate your certainty.

It facilitates in improving the body of a personwith the aid of using making her or himgreater grounded. You can absorb a largedegreeof factorsat the off hazardwhich youselect to examine self-upkeep aptitudes. Combative methodringthe bell of many peopleafter theylisten to the expression “Self-upkeepcompetencies”. Prior, self-safetycompetencieshave beenpretty much karate, boxing, taekwondo, and judo. In any case, there are unique new techniquesthat have beenintroduced to Self-Defense lessonsin Gurgaon.

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