As Per R2F 2022 Rules

If a student leaves class without giving any information, his/her registration will be canceled plus his/her outstanding certificates will not be given. If you want to leave / skip class for a few days then you have to submit the online Application.

R2F is not responsible for class completion if you remit Monthly Fee/Salary to Trainer in cash or on account . The Academy/Society/School Fee is paid by filling the slip on the official website of R2F, then only R2F will be responsible for completing the class.

As per R2F 2022 Rules:-🌧ī¸đŸŒĻī¸đŸŒŠī¸ If the class is missed due to rain then there will be no class any other day.🙏

Dear parents and students. As per R2F 2022 Rules:- Official Holiday / Belt Exam / R2F Official Camp / NCR tournament / School Game / University Game/ District tournament / National tournament. There is no restriction on completing the coach class. And the days of holiday will not correspond to any other day.

🧍 As per R2F 2022 Rules:-Personal classes.
Classes will have to be completed in the month in which payment is made, next month will have to be paid next.

đŸ’ĩ Dear parents and students. As per R2F 2020 Rules:-If you have paid monthly fees to the coach, due to some reason you are not taking the class then the fee will not be refunded. You can take class online or offline R2F gives you 2 options

âŗ📊🗓ī¸ I want to tell all the parents and students that in R2F every month the instructor has to prepare the Progress report of the student, if the instructor/coach in your society/academy does not give the progress report to the student you can Complain .

đŸĨ‹đŸĨŠ If you buy items online from R2F official website , R2F gives you a 10-day warranty on your items (Uniform, Gloves other’s) can change. There will be no warranty on the goods purchased by the Trainer