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Best Grappling & Jiu Jitsu training

  1.  Clinching:  The part of fighting where the fighters are grappling in a clinch is known as clinch fighting. Usually, it is used to defend against throws or takedowns or to set up them. This technique can be used to eliminate the opponent fighter’s punches, kicks.
  2. Takedowns: it is a technique in martial arts and combat sport that is used to off-balance the opponent so that the attacker lands on top. The process of rapidly proceeding with a takedown is known as shooting
  3. Throws: A throw is a technique that has evolved out of grappling, it is used to off-balance or lift the opponent to throw them on the ground. In a more technical term, throws can be called a subset of grappling.
  4. Sprawling: It can be termed as a defensive response to certain takedowns such as single or double leg takedowns. It is performed by motoring the legs backward to gain control on the upper back of the opponent who is attempting the takedown. This resulting position is known as sprawl.
  5. Submission holds: A submissive hold is used in combat sports with the purpose to force the opponent to give up either in extreme pain or in fear of an injury. Usually, there are two types of submissive holds one in which the opponent suffocates or chokes and the other in which the opponent taps out because of fear of a potential injury.     
  6. Securing or controlling techniques: these techniques are taught to fighters so that they can bring their opponent in a position in which they are unable to attack.
  7. Escapes: As the word suggests it is about the fighter who was taken down, but he tries to break free from the grips of his attacker. This helps him to no longer be in a dangerous position.    
  8. Turnovers: This technique is used in a situation when the opponent is on all hands and legs or lying flat on his stomach and to turn them on their back for a better grip to get in a more dominant position.   
  9. Reversals or sweeps: these techniques are used to throw the opponent off-balance, and it is of two categories. Firstly it is used by attacking the legs of the opponent to throw them on the ground and secondly, the technique is used while on the ground for reversing a grappling position from a guard position.   

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