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Mixed Martial art training (MMA)

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts it is a term used for the combat sport in which two professional fighters try to dominate one another by making use of these three general tactics: control, striking, and finishing holds. The rules in MMA allow the fighters to use several moves to finish the opponent such as joint-locks, kicks, chokes, takedowns, punches, and throws.

In MMA the winning fighter usually gets the victory through a knockout blow, submission (the losing fighter taps on the mat or the body of his opponent with his hand), stoppage by the doctor, or the referee, or the competitor’s cornerman. Earlier MMA was also known as NHB which means No Holds Barred, although this term is not used now. This abbreviation is no longer a description of the game.

The modern game has many rules that make sure about the safety of the fighters. The UFC’s (Ultimate Fighting Championship) rules were only against fish-hooking, eye-poking, and biting. Currently, all the major championships have ruled out all the nasty play in the sport. This is a crazy full-contact sport in which you even might get to see hair-pulling, toe-stomping, and people being choked with clothes, though such actions are penalized.

Earlier the fighting strategies and how fighters prepared was the old school whereas now the modern fighters train in a very effective way that consists of three styles:

Amateur Wrestling – this part focuses on clinching and takedowns

Submission Wrestling – this part focuses on positioning on the ground and submissions

Kickboxing or Muay Thai – this part is dedicated to striking.

The phase of combat theory consists of these three styles which suggest that the whole combat can be broken into three different phases. Each phase requires a completely different skill set, i.e., clinch fighting, ground fighting, and stand-up fighting. According to this theory and experts, a fighter’s greatest strength is to find out the phase in which he has the edge over his opponent and then takes the fight to that phase. The most well-known example of MMA is UFC and Pride Fighting Championships.

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