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Championship Form

Transport fee will be charged separately.

karate tournament 2023

ENTRY DEADLINE :- Evening 7:00Pm

GURUGRAM DISTRICT Karate Championship 2022
Timing :-Reporting timing of the team will be at 9:00 AM
/ Tournament Start :-10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Click Here For Tournament Location:-

All the students brought lunch from home
Individual Kumite Entery Fee :- 800/-Rs Kata Event Fee:-300/-Rs

Parents are not allowe in the tournament टूर्नामेंट में माता-पिता की अनुमति नहीं है

Note:-Fees paid shall not be refundable under any circumstances.

If you want take Participate the Championship then you have to Submit your Fee and Form 4 days before. यदि आप चैंपियनशिप में भाग लेना चाहते हैं तो आपको 4 दिन पहले अपना शुल्क और फॉर्म जमा करना होगा.

Championship From

  • Players & Equipment(A) Gum shield (B)Body protection (and extra chest Protection for Females) (C)Shin pads (D)Foot protectors (E)Aka ,Ao Belt (Red/Blue)
  • Confirmation letter from Parents



Payment rec
R2F official account QR code
Google Pay/ Paytm/ Phone Pay/ Bhim
Note: – While making online payment, all dear parents must write the name of the child and society in the message.

After payment send payment receipt Coach Number.

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Online Certificate Submitted From After One Week .You Can Receive Certification (By coach / courier/ Mail/ Whatsapp) for courier have to Pay Extra Amount

Online Certificate Apply