Why is self Defense important for girls?

Self-Defense very important for girls

Self-defense helps women protect themselves and their family.  Right2fight martial art academy is providing Self Defense classes in gurgaon and NCR. In my opinion, this is the most important reason for women to learn self-defense, because it is the difference between life and death.

While men are touted as the stronger sex, jujitsu & Kickboxing is a small man’s sport. Meaning, even though women are smaller and not as strong, this discipline helps women use their opponent’s mechanics against them, such as their height, weight, and even strength. In a self-defense situation, this is pivotal.

The majority of attackers are not going to be proficient in martial arts. This provides an edge to women when in a self-defense situation. For example, the stand up art of Jujutsu , provides the means to escape an attacking opponent and get away. The goal is not to stay and continue fighting, rather it is to defend and attack to get away from an assailant to find help.https://right2fight.in/self-defense-2/


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